Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wedding — Lorena and Renan

On the 11th of July, Elen and I gave away our eldest daughter Lorena in marriage to Renan. Both are believers in fellowship in the assembly here in Pirassununga, and we pray that they may live for the glory of God. Some photos of the wedding:

Flower arrangements (Elen's brother made all the floral arrangements)

"Tree" for leaving a little note to bride and groom (made by my brother-in-law Maurício, based on an idea of Elen's):

Cake and sweet-stuff (all made by Elen, including the wee tissues for "tears of happiness" :-)

Bride with proud father (bride's dress made by Elen's mum).

Various other photos:

 With cousins Felipe, Jonathan and David

 With Dad and Mum

The three sisters :-)

 With Elen's Dad and Mum: 

With Elen's family:

With Marco and Rebeca (Janice was unable to attend due to health problems)

With Anita and Mauricio: 

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